The Royal Hotel in Campbeltown offers excellent luxury accommodation at a real South African mountainside location, nestled amongst the beautiful rolling hills of Cape Peninsula. Consisting of five beautifully restored heritage hotels and five luxury guest houses, the hotel is the perfect place to holiday in Cape Town or any other destination in South Africa. Whether you’re looking for the old-style charm of a traditional Dutch colonial guest house or the more modern sophistication of a modern boutique hotel, The Royal is the ideal place to stay. There are also many other options for luxury accommodation including a variety of bed and breakfasts and inns in Campbeltown that are popular with visitors to the area.

How to Know About The Royal Hotel and Its Historic History

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The Royal is also home to a range of attractions that make it the perfect place to explore every town in the New South. Among the many attractions in Campbeltown that are housed in the beautiful historic buildings of the Royal is the beautiful Castle Of Good Hope, which dates back to the seventeenth century. Nearby is the Old Fort Museum, which was designed by the English architect Sir Peter Leley, and which contains an intriguing collection of exhibits on the life and times of Queen Victoria. Another notable structure in Campbeltown that can be explored is the Saxon Heritage Museum, which is open to visitors, even on weekdays. In addition to all this, The Royal also has a number of retail stores, which offer a wide selection of South African and international products as well as many other items that are unique to Cape Town.

For locals of The Royal and visitors to the area, there are several bars and nightclubs that serve drinks from around the world, as well as fine dining and the many local and regional foods. One of the most popular activities in Campbeltown and the New South is golfing, which can be experienced in one of the many golf courses around the area, including Winter Gardens, Fords Beach or the famous Golden Bay Club. If you would rather experience something a bit more unusual, you may want to try some of the locally sourced wines, such as Mussel Point, Blyde River or the famous Table Mountain Wine. There are numerous bars and pubs in Campbeltown and the surrounding regions, which will make your stay an enjoyable one, whether you opt for an accommodation with a built-in spa or simply a quiet stroll on the beach.

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