The Real Pros and Cons of Using a Free VPN Service

Many people who aren’t familiar globalwatchonline – no cost vp with VPN services begin their search for a free VPN to cover costs by searching for a free VPN. After all, why not save money right? Others just can’t afford the expense of a paid premium VPN service, that’s almost as much as half the monthly bill. Still others just aren’t sure if there really is such a thing, since some of the so-called free VPNs out there look too good to be true and aren’t.


While it’s true that some free VPNs will let you surf the web anonymously, they are not the type of service you want to use for the long term. Some of the vpn services out there will allow you to browse the web but won’t let you do anything on the internet without logging into a private login area. This means you can see everything, but nobody else can and your activity is completely invisible to the internet. This is not what you want if you’re trying to protect your privacy or are using a work computer at home or a laptop in a public location.


Although free VPN services will let you surf the web anonymously, they also provide you with a means to view and send private data back to the company you’re connecting to. This is a form of data encryption, much like what you’d get with an SSL certificate. So basically, while you’re browsing the internet, other people can see your information, but you’ll be the only one that can see it.

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