Many bird lovers may find solar bird protection systems to be appealing. A solar energy system is designed to heat-reflective surfaces and collect solar energy, which is then converted into electricity by a solar panel. This electricity is stored in batteries which need to be recharged from sunlight every day. In addition to heating panels, solar bird protection systems are also effective at keeping other birds out of your yard. Unfortunately, pigeons are a common sight all across the United Kingdom.

How to Do Solar Bird Protection

solar bird protection

Pigeons nesting near solar panels are an important issue on a large scale. Pigeons require shelter above their heads whenever nesting, as unlike many other birds, they nest year-round in the UK. They also love solar panels, so they are attracted to your birdhouse as well as your solar panels. You can install a solar panel system to draw in enough rays to keep the pigeons away, or you can build a repellent fence to keep them off of your solar panels altogether.

If you are not interested in installing a bird house, there are other options for avian protection. Many bird enthusiasts find that roofing shingles, mulch, and landscape edgings can help attract birds to your yard. Birdhouse decorations are also an option, as are garden netting, bird doors, and window boxes. These options can be installed high up on the roof or close to the ground. As with other forms of avian protection, if these methods prove ineffective, it is best to consult a local expert. Remember that each case is different, so if one method fails, you may need to try another.

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