You don’t need a reason to love Havaianas Flip Flops, besides their price. They’re affordable, trendy, comfortable and look good all year round. You can find them for under $30, so it doesn’t matter if you’ve just started a new job, moved house or spent the summer traveling, you’ll be able to wear a pair. If you have had your shoes before, you’ll understand why we’re such a confident recommendation for our readers – we know you have more than enough shoes to pick from! We carry a wide selection of styles and colours, including sandals, wedges, open toe, closed toe, slip-ons and high-heeled trainers, so there’s something for everyone! Find Out –

Havaianas Flip Flops – Great Shoes to Add Style to Your Summer Accessories

The other feature that makes Havaianas a favorite flip flop brand for us is the fact that the soles tend to stay on, even on slippery floors. When it comes to slipping on these beautiful shoes, you will find the sole stays true to its innovative design, with the rubber being extremely sticky and secure. This means that no matter how slippery your feet are, you will be able to keep them on your feet, thanks to the soles. Many customers have complained about the S-curved soles on the other models of havaianas flip flops, however, we have found these to be very comfortable and haven’t noticed any issues so far.

As well as the stability of the soul, you will find another great feature on many models of havaianas flip flops that make them so popular with children. The laces are attached to the shoe and are completely secure, which prevents them from untying whilst you’re walking round or using them as an alternative to ladders. This is incredibly important when you consider how many young children injure themselves whilst playing in the garden. The laces on havaianas also make it easier for parents to give their children the freedom to wear them as they like and you won’t find them wanting to take them off because they have tied them tightly in the initial stage. The overall comfort and safety of havaianas are an important factor, which is why many consumers find themselves purchasing them over other brands.

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