Inflatable Rentals Long Island – Awesome bouncers – Fun and Easy to use at an affordable price! “FAMELESS.” That is what our clients constantly say when they refer to us. This is why we operate two full service inflatable rental locations on Manhattan’s East Side.


“HITS THE GROUND.” Our clients rave about how our bouncers are able to keep everyone entertained for hours, many people watching their party from the tables as they eat and drink at the tables while enjoying their inflatable rentals long island – home-away-from-home! Our inflatable bouncers are well equipped with lights and music systems so there is always something to keep people happy no matter what time of day or night it is.


From corporate events to birthday party rental events, inflatable rentals long island – wherever and whenever the mood strikes, our bounce houses and party rentals are ready and waiting. So if you are looking for the next big break in party planning, consider our quality bouncers and inflatable rentals. They are guaranteed to make your next event a hit! no worries about having enough space for the guests you want to invite for a graduation party. Whether you’re throwing a graduation party or just need to fit a few extra people into a small backyard, our bounce houses and inflatable rentals Long Island has the solution you need. And since we offer many sizes and colors, you can choose the size and color that will work best for your needs.


For today’s busy parents, we offer both bounce houses and inflatable rentals long island. Do you have a large family or a small group of kids? Do you have a big party or a small gathering? Either way, you can find the perfect solution to keep everyone entertained. Ask us about our bounce houses or inflatable rentals Long Island – it’s fun!

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