Guinea Pig Run – How to Set Up a Guinea Pig Run

If you’ve ever owned a guinea pig, you know just how much they love to run up a wall. In the wild, guinea pigs only spend a small amount of time running down a vertical surface. Instead, they scamper about, looking for food or escaping predators, only occasionally stopping for a short power nap. As cute and cuddly pets, though, guinea pigs are housed in cages where they’re safe, well-fed, and constantly fed with food and water provided by their owners. But if you don’t have a cage for your guinea pig, you can still enjoy the fun of running the gerbil around a long and winding wall.

How to Know About Guinea Pig Run?

guinea pig run

To set up a guinea pig run, attach an easily transportable, self-sticking hook-and-eye lock onto one end of a long, flexible cable. Cut the cable to lengths as wide as the width of the cage opening and use the hook-and-eye locks to hang the cage from the hook at one end. Set up the cage in a safe spot, such as on a grassy yard, near a pool, or anywhere that’s dry and safe. The wire should be buried almost completely underground, but if need be, dig a few feet out and tape the exposed end to another two sets of hooks. These will serve as markers so that the wire can be seen from a distance.

One other thing to remember: guinea pigs, like most rodents, enjoy hiding in plain sight. It’s not a good idea to have a large hard surface where the cage is hanging because it will make it easy for predators to spot the hiding place. A soft surface, such as grass, is the perfect hiding place. And you want the cage itself to be hidden as well, so that it looks like a cage and not a pile of hay or wood that your guinea pigs will try to climb into and out of. Keep these tips in mind when setting up a guinea pig run.

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