Miroslav Vyboh, The Honorary Consul

Miroslav Vyboh was born in Germany but moved to France as a young boy and grew up in Nice, France. After the Second World War, Vyboh returned to Germany and joined the Kruger Company, a massive diamond producing company. After several years, Vyboh retired to take care of his ailing mother who unfortunately became seriously ill. While at the same time running an import/export company, he noticed that there were certain gaps in the service that were giving him a hard time while dealing with shipping consuls. The solution to this issue was to make his own title, “Honorary Consul”. This honorary title is bestowed to foreigners who are appointed by a foreign head of state to serve as a representative of the foreign government and whose duty it is to negotiate trade between the foreign government and foreign companies.

Miroslav Vyboh – A Guide to Find

Miroslav Vyboh served in Monaco, Spain as an Honorary Consul for several years, representing the principality of Monaco during this time. During his last trip to Monaco as Honorary Consul, he presented his credentials to the then-Monaco Mayor, Albert Frei Bergesen. During this time, Prince Albert presented Miroslav Vyboh with a gold watch that had been crafted by a leading jeweler called Carl Zeiss & Co., which was designed by one of the most famous jewelry designers of the time, Mario Messier. The Watch symbolized the bond between the city of Monaco and the man called Miroslav Vyboh. And today, the watch is offered as a commemorative item for those who are collectors of luxury timepieces.

Among the cities of Spain with the most important role as tourist destinations, Monaco is second only to its sister city of Pamplona (zona) in the number of yearly visitors. The metropolitan area of this area, known as Granada, has a major role in Spanish tourism. Many of the most popular hotels of the region house guest rooms that are actually Honorary Consuls. These hotels and guest houses offer high-class amenities and services along with the option of accommodation for a high level of privacy. If you are looking to make a lasting impression upon people who are not so familiar with Monaco and its people and are in need of an overnight accommodation, choosing to stay in a Honorary Consul’s apartment or villa is highly recommended.

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